Welcome to the website of E. Kroon Wilnis B.V.

Who we are and what we do

E. Kroon Wilnis B.V. is a business that has been buying and selling scrap iron and various other metals since 1977. These include aluminium, stainless steel, copper, cable, electric motors, etc. For a complete summary of the metals, I would point you to the top navigation bar of this website where the ‘Metalen’ button takes you to a list of the metals that we sort.

In addition to buying and selling iron and metals, we also specialise in demolition projects, work that we carry out at an international level. Our demolition work is primarily aimed at removing various metals from buildings or factories. Our company has held the VCA** certificate since 1998.

E. Kroon Wilnis B.V. owns and operates its own transport, which we use for placing containers and collecting them from customers. Alternatively, you can also bring your metals to us yourself. We have a weighing system incorporating radioactivity measuring, a mandatory feature under today’s environmental rules.