E. Kroon Wilnis B.V. owns its own demolition and storage yard in Wilnis.
On the yard, material is reduced or demolished by means of hydraulic cranes and a self-propelled shear.
The materials are also sort out and stored by species, so that the material is ready for a next user in the Netherlands and abroad. Next users as foundries and melting furnaces all over the world.

Kroon Metal Recycling B.V. is in possession of a self-propelled shear. A single switch on the remote control allows the operator to move the machine to the scrap instead of the scrap material to the machine. The self-propelled shear offer an optimal solution to save time and reduce costs, because the material don’t have to be moved every time. The machines of Kroon Metal Recycling B.V. you can find in the port area from Amsterdam where it reduces long lenghts of material preparing for the next user in the Netherlands and abroad.