Who we’re and what we do

E. Kroon Wilnis B.V. is a company that has been engaged in the purchase and sale of scrap iron, batteries and various metals since 1977. Various metals as aluminium, stainless steel, copper, cable, electric motors, etc. In addition to the purchase and sale of scrap iron, batteries and metals, we are also specialized in carrying out demolition work. We are also happy to assist you at demolition work on an international level. Our demolition works are mainly aimed at removing scrap iron and various metals from buildings and installations. Since 1998, our company has been in possession of the VCA** certificate.
E. Kroon Wilnis B.V. has its own trucks, with which we place containers and collect them from customers. It is also possible to hand in your metals to us yourself (business and private customers). We also have a weighing system with radioactivity measurement, as required by current environmental regulations.

Kroon Metal Recycling B.V. is a company that founded in 2017 and is specialized in the recycling of iron and metals.

During the recycling process we separate different types of iron and metals. We reduce long lengths, so all the material is ready for the next user in the Netherlands and abroad.

The recycling process is done with us in a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.